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Portable Stages

are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit all special events.

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Lightingand sound!

Outdoor Stages

can be hired with a range of lighting, sound and projection options.

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Audiovisual impact!

Mobile Stages

will give your show the wow factor anyplace, anytime, and in any location.

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Mobile Stage Hire

Take the Stage!

From a simple platform to a stage complete with roof, audio & lighting; a variety of outdoor stage sizes, heights and designs are available for all types of outdoor special events.

Each stage hire may be complimented by a range of accessories such as PA Wings, rails, stairs, ramps, drapes, carpets, crowd barriers, generators, and cable protectors.

Professionally designed and manufactured staging systems are engineered to meet Australian standards and all have engineered load ratings.

This website is a directory of mobile Stage Hire suppliers in Australia. If your organisation is planning a Special Event in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, or Tasmania, please click on the associate link for your state, which will direct you to a reputable operator who services your area.

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If your organisation is organising a Special Event, there no better way of promoting the day, than on the national Fetes Fairs and Festivals website. Listings can be made free of charge, and cover all major cities and regional areas in Australia. The Fetes Fairs and Festivals directory is also a fabulous source of Special Event details, for those looking for fun, excitement, fine food, wonderful entertainment and a great day out for all.

Services and Suppliers

For those planning to hold a Fete, Fair, Festival or Special Event, the directory may be of assistance. From Sideshow Games to Fireworks Displays; Amusement Rides to Food Trucks; Laser Skirmish to Rock Climbing Walls - links to a wide range of industry related services are easily located on this web page.

DISCLAIMER: The administrator of this web page gives no warranty as to abilities of listed Mobile Stage Hire operators, insurance of Mobile Stage Hire operators and the accuracy of the information contained on this/or their website/facebook page. Each individual is encourage to make their own enquiries with whichever Mobile Stage Hire operators they choose.

Q: What size stage do I need to hire?

A: When choosing an outdoor stage for your event, size is possibly the most important factor. Many event organisers prefer a large stage for maximum visual impact, while other organisers need a stage to fit in a limited setup area. Ask yourself three questions: 1. How big do I want the stage to look? 2. How much stage space do I need? 3. Is there a limitation to the set up area?

If you are having a DJ performance, presentation, or demonstration on the stage you may want to the stage to look very large, but do not need much stage space. Width is more important than depth, so the most appropriate size stage is one that is very large in appearance and have plenty of space for banners, graphics, and screens.

On the other hand, If you are having a large band, choir, or need space for vehicles etc, you will need a large stage surface - possibly with a corresponding overhead structure for lighting and audio.

The majority of Stage Hire companies servicing Australia offer a range of stages in different sizes that suit all needs and budgets.

Q: What type of events are mobile stages best suited to?

A: Portable Stages are ideal for outdoor events of all kinds such as:

  • * Music Festivals
  • * Outdoor Concerts
  • * Christmas Carols
  • * Music Festivals
  • * School Fetes and Fairs
  • * Community Festivals
  • * Street Festivals
  • * Corporate Promotions
  • * Outdoor Sporting Events
  • * Fashion Parades
  • * Food and Wine Festivals
  • * Cultural Celebrations

Q: How long does it take to set up a Mobile Outdoor Stage?

Generally, Mobile Stages are transported on trailers and are extremely quick to set up and bump out. Upon arrival, the trailer is levelled, the roof opens, the sides open, the roof goes up with the truss corners and access steps in place, the sides and skirts go on, then Audio and Lighting installed. From start to finish, the average set up time is between one and two hours, depending on the number of extras included.

Q: What is the best style of stage?

A: There are a range of stage styles including domed stages, arched roof stages, gabled structures and pyramids. The best style of stage is very much down to your personal preferences, the objective of the event and whether an overhead structure is required for audio & lighting.

Q: Can stages withstand bad weather?

Professionally designed and manufactured outdoor stage structures are built to Australian Standards AS 9002, certified by engineers, and designed to withstand some of the harshest conditions that can be experienced in Australia including strong wind and storms.

Q: Is sound, lighting and dressing readily available for Outdoor Stages?

Yes, most Stage Hire operators offer a range of accessories and options such as:

  • * Backdrops options
  • * Light and PA Trusses
  • * PA/Drum Risers
  • * Crowd control systems
  • * Power leads and distribution units
  • * Generators, distribution boards
  • * Audio leads of all shapes and sizes
  • * Colour/Lighting effects
  • * Crowd lighting
  • * Fencing, barriers etc.
  • * Seating

Experienced designers will put together a package that suits your event's objectives, your site and your budget.

Q: Are Mobile Stages covered by Public Liability insurance?

All reputable Outdoor Stage suppliers are fully insured with $10-$20 million Public Liability Insurance. Request a copy of each operator's Certificate of Currency upon confirmation.